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UPaySystem is an online payment gateway system script made with PHP & MySQL. Wanna start your own payment gateway like PayPal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin or others. Than UPaySystem is the best solution for you. you can start your own payment gateway system just 5 minutes. It is responsive and fully dynamic. easy to controll full system. You can manage Tax, Registration, SMS & Email Notification, Withdraw and Deposite.

List of features:

Transfer funds anonymously worldwide using your email address;

Request funds;

Payment transactions;

Deposit with prepaid cards;

Instant Ordering;

API support for sellers;





  • Sending a request and receiving cash

  • Deposit and Withdrawal

  • Payment transactions

  • Advanced Security System

  • Making simple orders of goods

  • Multilingual

  • Geo targeting

  • API support

  • Multicurrency

  • Currency conversion

  • Auto update currency rates

  • etc.

The demo version can be found


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